Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Moving Lite: Kitchen

Moving Lite: Kitchen
When blessed with frequent moves of everything you own establish a strategy to survive the process.
The Kitchen may store the most objects. Often objects that are odd shaped and can be very heavy.
In advance preview your kitchen and decide what can be thrown away. This includes paper and bags as well as plastic utensils and to go cartons and cups. Actually these may maybe placed to use after the main packing is completed as they are disposable.
Consider what you don’t need and make arrangements to get relocate it. Aunt Gin’s heirloom extra-large turkey platter may be better off staying with another family.
Consider what you actually use on a regular basis.
Look to keep light weight items that fit together or nest easily.
Look to disperse odd shaped rarely used items.
Consider keeping items with multiple uses and give away rarely used single use items.
Next: Review your stored food. 

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