Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Moving Lite 1

New Series: Moving light.
When blessed with frequent moves of your entire household establish a strategy to survive and learn even to enjoy the process. You will be better organized and happier.
1.       Liquidate what you don’t need. This may take some time to complete but get started.
a.       Give it away.
b.      Sell it.
c.       This is not the time to drag 8 boxes of Great Aunties fragile crystal around with you. Let a family member enjoy the collection for a while.
2.       Long term storage is not a great idea as the items can become lost or damaged. This may be part of your liquidation plan, but keep it short term. You never know when Mom will decide to have a garage sale to have a place to park her new car.  Oops! Did you mean to keep that?
3.       Know what you cannot move. Ice cream? And don’t stock up on it.
4.       The most critical tool is the moving box. Invest in good quality service boxes. See through, small and stackable is ideal. Pack similar items together, such as, sweaters with gloves and scarves. You can see what is in the box and will not need to unpack it until you need the items.
5.       Pack your towels, linens, must keep papers between glass items.
6.       When you do add to your collections think:
a.       Light weight.
b.      Can you fold it up?
c.       Take it apart?
d.      Use if for multiple purposes?
e.      Do without it?
f.        Get rid of what you are replacing.
Relax and have fun with moving preparation. Remember you could be inside that truck on a hot summer afternoon packing! 

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Ahngee said...

Traveling light ftw!